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OE Replacement Steel Wheels

For winter driving, steel wheels paired with winter tires make a lot of sense. Road salt is very damaging to aluminum wheels and can destroy them eventually. If you pair your winter tires with steel wheels, you have more protection for your wheels, and it’s also a much easier swap. With over 90% vehicle application coverage,
RH Scales Company can supply the passenger, light truck or HD truck wheels for your winter tire changeover.  CONTACT US FOR VEHICLE SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS!

Proper Lug Nuts for Steel Wheels

When changing from alloy wheels to steel wheels for winter driving, be sure to have the correct lug nuts on hand for mounting the steel wheels to the vehicle.  RH Scales Company stocks both chrome and OE lug nuts for multiple hex and pitch requirements. CLICK HERE FOR LUG NUT SELECTIONS

Tire Valves and TPMS Service Tools

Mounting of new tires on new wheels will always require proper tire valve replacement.
TPMS should always be on a customer’s vehicle, regardless of if and when he or she changes over to winter tires for the winter driving season. “The accident and fatality statistics due to low tire pressure are significant and well-documented, and they need to be shared with drivers.” CLICK HERE FOR TPMS VALVES & TOOLS

Contact RH Scales Company for traditional tire valves or TPMS valves and installation equipment.

Tire Studs and Studding Equipment

Studded tires perform the best on icy roads. Period. Why is stopping power better on studded winter tires? It’s all in the name. These tires allow for studs to be installed across the tread face, giving drivers better side-to-side and front-to-back grip. This kind of traction is critical on ice. Contact us for tire studs and studding equipment.

Tire Chains for Severe Winter Use

Tire chains provide superior grip around a tire and should be used when winter conditions are too severe for even the best snow tires. For commercial truck drivers, there are certain areas where using chains is mandatory, and signs will advise you when and where to put them on before continuing.
Contact RH Scales Company for tire chains, chain repair and installation parts and equipment